Creating Data Equality:

 Leveling the Playing Field

Our mission is to equip professionals with essential data skills through Data Literacy, Data Analysis and Data Visualisation certifications. 

We strive for a common language in data expertise, creating empowerment and opportunities in a data-driven world.

The Effective Data Foundation certification guidelines

Requirements for the organization issuing the certificate

    1. The organization must comply with ISO/IEC 17024:2012 Conformity assessment — General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons. This guarantees the independence and objectivity of the certification organization and guarantees compliance with GDPR, equal treatment of candidates, etc. The organization’s registered office must be in a member state of the European Union.
    2. The organization needs to have relevant experience exploiting certification programs and organizing exams professionally. It needs to have a portfolio of at least three different certification programs with more than 100 certified professionals per year.
    3. The organization needs to contribute to the Growth Hacking community actively.
    4. The organization needs to ensure that certification exams are available to the public independently of purchased training material.

Requirements for a training organization that offers access to a certification exam

    1. Training organizations that offer access to the certification exam need to be accredited by the organization responsible for the certification program related to the exam. The certification organization is accountable for the quality assurance of the courses of that organization.
    2. The training organization must have a quality management system and be ISO 9002 certified or equivalent.
    3. The organization needs to contribute to the Growth Hacking Community actively.

Requirements for Data Certifications