We are a non-profit organization with a clear mission. Our members consist of organizations specializing in data examination and certification, with a specific focus on Data Certificates. Our goal is to promote high-quality data certifications and equip professionals with the essential data skills required in the modern business environment


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What does the foundation do?

The Data Certificates Consortium’s mission is to improve the adoption of robust data methodologies within organizations, enabling them to harness the power of modern management practices derived from the combination of Data Literacy, Data Analysis, and Data Visualization.

The Data Certificates Consortium has identified three core initiatives to achieve this objective:

  • Develop Industry Best Practices: We strive to define industry best practices within the realm of Data Literacy, Data Analysis, and Data Visualization, ensuring that all organizations can leverage the full potential of these essential data skills.
  • Establish a Body of Knowledge and Certification: We are committed to building a comprehensive body of knowledge and certification programs to share industry knowledge effectively and certify professionals in the field of data.
  • Foster the Data Community: We aim to create and invest in a vibrant and collaborative data community, providing a platform for professionals to connect, learn, and grow in the data-driven world.

Types of Involved organisations

Accredited Training Organizations

Accredited training organizations are training organizations that pass the accreditation requirements set out by the foundation. They provide courses that align with the latest version of the Body of Knowledge and prepare students to use the methode in real-world projects. their  training also prepares learners for the foundations certification program.

(Member) user organisations

Members of the Foundation can be consultancy, and training organizations both of course also user organizations, and also include the examination and certification institute that work with the method and would like to get certified according with the foundations certification program. Members commit to helping the consortium to achieve its goal, each member in its own way.

Certification Organization

Van Haren Learning Solutions has created a certification program based on the certification guidelines. With this program, Van Haren establishes a common understanding of proven skills for each certification level between all professionals, all three Data programs have exams with different covered topics, required level of understanding, number of questions, passing score, and exam time. The Certification Council of the Foundation supports and audits this certification program.